Discover the Possibility of Flawless Inch Loss Without Uncomfortable Body Wraps!

Hitting your fitness goals may be rewarding, but it usually comes with one disadvantage. As the fat leaves your body, you are left with an excess of loose skin. It may be a sign of your dedication and determination but you don’t have to wear it like a medal for the rest of your life. You can go for body wraps, but the results are too slow and the experience is quite uncomfortable for most people. *

Simple Application and You will get Miles Closer to Your Fitness Goals While You Continue Your Day to Day Activities.

Xtreme Wrap Body Gel is created with a clear understanding of problems most people face during and after they lose inches. It fills in the void other alternatives, especially herbal body wraps, leave out.

Three qualities that distinguish this product include:

Due to its controlled and targeted action, most people may actually see a visible difference in the least possible time. When compared to herbal wraps and their results, Xtreme Wrap Body Gel works faster, exactly at the targeted area.*

Results may vary. *

"I used Body Gel last night, hoping it would help me lose inches fast since I'll be departing to Miami tomorrow. The product dried up within minutes! It was quick and easy with a scent of raspberries. My waist was approximately 38 inches and my thighs were 31 inches, this morning after a long night of sleep I woke up and my waist was 26 inches, my legs were 21 inches!!! It sounds unbelievable! The product is a success and I recommend it to anyone who needs quick inches off their body!"

Herbal Body Wraps Are a Waste of Time and Money
Here Are a Few Good Reasons Why

Here is what they look like in an honest comparison chart.

  Xtreme Wrap Gel It Works!® Wraps Traditional Body Wrap Mineral Body Wraps Seaweed Body Wraps Mud Body Wraps
Free Shipping
Quick Inch Loss (In Hours)*
100% money back guarantee
Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe
Safe and Natural Ingredients Maybe
DIY Application at Home
No Need for patches, towels, baths or thermal underwear
Inch Loss without Water Loss* Maybe Maybe Maybe
Inch Loss without Compression* Maybe
May Improve Scars and Blemishes* Maybe Maybe
Pleasant Scent and Silky Feel Maybe
Targets Problem Areas (arms, butt, thighs stomach)*
Fast and Fuss Free Application
No Preparation Time
May Reduce Cellulite and Blemishes* Maybe
May Tighten Skin*
Visible Appearance
No becoming a "distributor" catch for discounts and best prices
No 3-Months Auto-Ship Registration Required for Best Available Price

Xtreme Wrap Gel by NouVara May Be an Effective Alternative*

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Xtreme Wrap Gel Works Differently – Here’s Why

  • Doesn’t Take Ages to Work – Fast application on areas with excessive cellulite and fat allows it to deliver targeted and quick results.
  • Doesn’t Create a Mess – Apply like any topical gel and use water and soap to clean it off when you need to.
  • Doesn’t Restrict Movement – You can apply and get along with your everyday errands.
  • Doesn’t Cost a Fortune – Costs less than 20 dollars per application.
  • Plus targeted application prevents product wastage.
  • Doesn’t Contain Harmful Chemicals – Check out the list of ingredients that make Xtreme Wrap Gel safe and effective.

The Body Sculpting Secret Revealed – 14 Natural Ingredients at Work

No Hidden Secrets no Health Risks – We Want You to Make an Educated Decision

Ingredient Purpose
Natural Vegetable Glycerin Used as an emulsifier. Natural vegetable glycerin also delivers a large amount of moisture directly to the skin, creating a long lasting, soft, healthy and hydrated appearance.*
Niacin Used to improve skin tone, texture and correct dark spots from hyper-pigmentation. Niacin brightens and balances the appearance of the skin.*
Guar Gum Used as a natural botanical thickener and helps normalize the skins moisture content.*
Capsicum Extract Used to relieve minor aches and pains of muscle and joints. Also used to increase blood circulation close to the skin surface and may help remove toxins in pores and just beneath skin.*
Rosemary Oil Used to revitalize congested and dull looking skin. Rosemary oil is also beneficial for soothing acne.*
Clove Bud Oil Used to energize and stimulate circulation, bringing blood flow close to the skin surface. Clove oil is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants of all known fruits. It is used for repairing sun, acne, and free radical damaged to the skin.*
Lavender Oil Used to heal acne wounds, cuts, burns and skin disorders, psoriasis and eczema. Used to calm and tone skin and deliver a refreshed healthy glow.*
Cinnamon Extract Used to deliver a warming effect and helps open pores, increasing the amount of nutrients your skin is able to receive.*
Resveratrol Used as an antioxidant, which helps lighten dark spots, creating an overall improved complexion. As an anti-inflammatory, it may help reduce swelling from acne or other skin irritations.*
Aloe Vera Used to detoxify the pores and quickly heal skin. Aloe also contains essential oil, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.*
Coconut Water Coconut water is used for healing acne marks, blackheads, relief of active complexion problems, and toning skin.*
Proprietary Blend Monatomic Minerals Delivering monatomic minerals to the skin helps improve skin health, complexion, as well as helping regulate the skin's natural pH.*
Oils Used to deliver maximum moisture, improve elasticity, while creating soft, healthy skin with a beautiful glow.*
Herbs A proprietary blend of herbs that, while beneficial on their own, are also used to enhance the potency and effectiveness of the other ingredients in the formula.*

You Are Safe from Any Adverse Effect of Chemical Laden Body Sculpting Products – How Safe is Your Money?

Answer: 100% with our Empty Bottle 45-Day Money Back Guarantee

If Xtreme Wrap Herbal Body Gel is unable to live up to your expectations for ANY reason whatsoever, feel free to send us back, even an empty bottle. All your money will be refunded. NO questions asked. We want you to buy with confidence and peace of mind.

Easy Three Step Application

Oh, and there is a STEP 4! If you find the result unsatisfactory, you can immediately send back your bottle for a full refund – NO QUESTION ASKED.

What Do You Have to Lose? Order Your Xtreme Wrap Herbal Body Gel NOW because we are running out of supplies….

At the NouVara production facility, we work day and night to ensure we are able to meet the rising demand for this remarkable body sculpting treatment.

While we are not running out of the product … it is gradually becoming a little difficult to process orders without delays.

To avoid delays in your order, order and secure your stash of Xtreme Wrap Body Gel today!

Standard Package Value Package
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Targets small areas.
The more applications you use,
the more dramatic your results!
Targets large or several areas at once.
The more applications you use,
the more dramatic your results!
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WARNING: For external use only. Xtreme Body Gel is NOT for internal consumption. You must prepare the Xtreme Body Gel according to instructions. Keep out of reach of children. Pregnant or lactating women should consult their healthcare professional prior to using any new product. Consumers should always contact their physician for approval before beginning any skin or inch loss regimen. If there are any signs of allergic reaction (rash, itching, swelling, etc.) discontinue use immediately, and wash the affected area with cool water. If symptoms persist, consult your physician.

DISCLAIMER: NouVara makes no claim that these results are representative of all consumers who use Xtreme Body Gels. NouVara recommends you consult with a physician before starting any weight-loss or skin care program. Individual results will vary. Xtreme Body Gels by NouVara are not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical condition. This website was prepared by an Independent Member and is neither approved nor adopted by NouVara. For Distribution in the US market only. The testimonials on this page are actual customer testimonials.

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